Mobile Development Digest #51


Get your apps ready for the holidays. Apple announced that new apps and updates will not be accepted between December 23 and 27. If you’d like to update your app before holidays then don’t forget to submit them before December 18 (Due to average waiting time is 4 days). FYI, iOS 10 adoption is almost 80% now and everything under iOS 9 is just around 5%.

In this issue:

  • Apple released new beta versions
  • New case studies for Android and iOS
  • Runners gameplay analysis
  • and more

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Apple released beta versions for tvOS 10.1 beta 4 and iOS 10.2 beta 5. both releases fix problems for TV Apps.

Apple pay has expanded to Spain.

Static analysis in iOS. Video from Mobile Era 2016 by Dulma Chirchill from Facebook.



Nuke – A powerful image loading and caching framework

Snowflake – SVG in Swift with support of animatable layers


In fact, two articles below are from intermediate to advanced level and not just introduction.

An Introduction to Icon Animation Techniques. Using paths to create animatable icons.

Introduction to Android’s multi-threading mechanism.

Software Development

Case study: Dual platforms on day one.


Study gameplay progression on runners. Excellent analysis of all stages in endless runners, such as Warmup, safe zones, rest zones, user adaptation to gameplay changes (e.g. speed), etc.

UI/UX Design

Great apps timeline. At the moment it’s only 8 apps history of UI changes year-by-year. I hope it will be bigger in the future. pttrns do the job if you’re looking for inspiration, but timeline of an app can give more food for brain.

User Flows. A plugin for generating flow diagrams from Artboards in Sketch.

Cover photo by Annie Spratt.

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