Mobile Development Digest #52

Apple released list of this year best apps and the developers behind them. Each app has list of stores where it was the best. Despite the fact that games bring more money than any other kind of software, this list contains a lot of non-game apps. Use it as insight for different markets and for adjusting of your ideas.

In this issue:

  • Everything you need to know about method dispatch in Swift 3
  • Complete basics of Protocols in Swift 3
  • Animations in Android
  • Year 2017 predictions in UI design and marketing

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Perfect article about method dispatch in Swift. Everything you need to know about dispatching process and it’s behavior. ???

An introduction to protocol-oriented programming in Swift¬†from Toptal, and Introducing Protocol-Oriented programming in Swift 3 from RW’s site. I believe these two articles can close the topic of “introduction” completely and in nearest future some will write advanced version.

GameplayKit Validators. This article is about using game framework from Apple to create universal validator. If you don’t worry about additional libraries in your bundle then it’s fine. By the way, game frameworks from Apple looks unappreciated, because GameplayKit provides¬†very powerful tools for¬†operations with data and pretty nice state machine implementation, but not much hacks like in the article exists in a wild.

UIView animation syntax sugar. UIView animation cheat sheet.

Everyone knows, that AsyncDisplayKit updated to 2.0, here is the video about important changes



Eject. Utility to transition from Interface Builder to programatic view layout.

PinterestSegment. A Pinterest-like segment control with masking animation


Animation: Jump-through. Tutorial and source code.

Another tutorial on creating custom view, but it also explains how to publish your component and make it available for other developers via dependency manager.

Android Application Architecture. “Journey from standard Activities and AsyncTasks to a modern MVP-based architecture powered by RxJava.”


Super Mario Run Rewrites the Playbook for Mobile App Launches.

UI/UX Design

The state of UX in 2017.

Optimistic UI. Some cases to make waiting process, or error notifications better.

Best Practices For Animated Progress Indicators.


App Annie’s 2017 predictions. Gross $65B, games will remain the primary market share, in-app ads spend about $101B, etc.

Cover photo by Tim Mossholder.

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