Mobile Development Digest #53

Kickstarter open-sourced Android and iOS apps.Ā It was quite popular news last week and has been shared several hundred times. Why it’s so popular? Well… it’s a popular service, they support open source and their code isn’t Swift 3 yet. So update to Swift 3 will be some kind of reality show. Don’t miss a chance to learn from wolrd-class developers.

Just 4 days left beforeĀ Apple’s winter holidays. Statistics says,Ā it takes days in average to get your app reviewed and today and tomorrow are good days to submit your new apps or updates.

In this issue:

  • Screen stabilization in Android ???
  • Future of design. Uber, O”Reilly, Pocket and more than 400 companies survey results.
  • SSL pinning on iOS and Android

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How to make your iOS apps more secure with SSL pinning.

Always pay attention to implications of technical advice.

Swift 3.1 planned to be released this spring. It’s intended to be source compatible with 3.0, so it should not be a problem to compile Swift 3.0 code. Probably this is really true.


Material Components iOS.Ā Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for iOS


No shake: Screen stabilization in Android. Have you ever tried to adjust content on the screen if user moves or stays in a bus. In other words in situation if screen shaking a bit and image a bit blurry. Here is theĀ best article I ever saw in this field. Perfect explanation, source codes and references to other works.

SSL pinning implementation for Android. This is twin of article for iOS.

Android things tutorials. Just a week ago Google announced Things OS for IoT, but it might be a big thing soon, so it’s good to be prepared.

Android: Improving sign-in experience with Google sign-in and Smartlock.


Five incredible powerful F2P magnetization patterns. How behavioral economics helps in game UX design.

UI/UX Design Good alternative for Kuler.

Future of design in Startups. Results of survey responded by more than 400 companies, including Uber, O’Reilly, Pocket, 53, InVision. Survey isn’t about what color we will use next year. It’s more about fundamental approach and effect of design.

Muzli choices in design for 2016.


Cover photo byĀ Lukas Budimaier

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