Mobile Development Digest #54

This is the last issue for year 2016, and its content is a combination of the most popular articles which were published during the year.

Also, It contains results of a survey about predictions for 2017 that I started last week. It was spontaneous idea and no surprise that I haven’t receive thousands of responses. However, I got 30. Not enough to make any global statistics, but it’s a good to have summary to compare with the similar survey next year

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Survey Results

Survey will be opened until the end of the year and you are welcome to add your responses. I will update results correspondingly on the special page: 2017 Predictions Survey Results.

Top Case Study

How I Deleted 10k Lines of Code & Turned 2 Minutes into 1 Second.

Top Crossplatform

Developing for Android vs. iOS: Navigation Patterns.

Dual platforms on day one.

How to make your iOS apps more secure with SSL pinning: iOS and Android

Top iOS

Swift Algorithms Club.

Stayin’ On Top Of Your Game — iOS Newsletters, Blogs/Developers, Companies To Follow.

How Not to Crash #1.

Top Android

Fixing Memory Leaks in Android – OutOfMemoryError.

Top GameDev

Study gameplay progression on runners

Top UI/UX Design


Facebook Design.

Great Apps Timeline.

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