Mobile Development Digest #55

I’m reading Swift Style book written by Erica Sadun. I think it’s a book that every Swift developer should read, because code style is very sensitive topic for many.

It’s good to read the book especially if you selects coding style randomly without strong understanding of why two, four spaces or tabulation is used, why colon sign has gravity to the left, right or middle between arguments and many other small things that makes your code readable. Erica explains every case, every symbols and every code structure. It’s like a big cheat sheet that allows you to build your own coding style with deep understanding of text patterns and that still readable by other developers.

Surely, it’s very easy to follow to something written by others like RW Swift Style. However, if you will understand how code can be separated into detectable patterns then you will see how beautiful it could be.

Next weeks I’ll be concentrated on the books I listed couple weeks ago. Also, I thought to change a bit the format of this digest and involve you, my readers. Especially because it’s a lot of people are reading it on the blog and by subscription on Mailchimp now.

I’d like to invite you to send me interesting articles, frameworks and tutorials related to mobile development. You can RT me at Twitter (@ALSEDI) or send me a mail ( If your link will be published in the digest then I’ll add contribution with your nickname and link to your profile on any public (and trusted) sites, e.g. Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn or Facebook, like this: “Some link. (@yourname). My comments for article if any”.

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Getting started with PromiseKit. As usual, RW team is the best in quick start tutorials. Promises is kind of lightweight reactive framework, that might help you understand this architectural approach better.

Overriding UserDefaults for development. Nice trick that simplifies testing of UserDefaults values and app behavior.


Hero. Supercharged transition engine for iOS.

Development in general

Engineering the architecture behind Uber’s new rider app.

Writing software is hard and The Art of Defensive Programming. Once again about importance of writing safe and secure code. News about data leaks and security holes comes every day.


Solve problems, not strawmen.


Cheat sheet: Apple AppStore vs Google PlayStore.

Flurry: 44% of devices activated during Christmas week were from Apple, 21% from Samsung, and 3% from Huawei.


Why It’s So Hard To Make A Video Game.

Take a look behind-the-scenes with design documents from The Legend of Zelda! Sketches and illustrations that were made during development of the first version of the game.

UI/UX Design

How to create a FRONT END FRAMEWORK with Sketch.

Documenting Design Discovery.


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