Mobile Development Digest #57

The week full of news!

First of all, this was a week of 10 years anniversary of iPhone. Spend some in nostalgia with original press release for the iPhone and take a look how iPhone changed the industry (and one more).

Most shocking news was that two guys left Apple and joined Tesla. First is Chris Lattner author of LLVM and Swift Core Team member. Despite the fact that Chris leaves Apple he stays in Swift core team. This makes him the first non-Apple member. Ted Kremenek author of Clang will take his place. I believe that these changes will not affect Swift seriously and it will keep fast evolution pace in the same direction. However, it might be better to lower this speed?

Second is Matt Casebolt original Air designer. He worked also on MacPro and Touch Bar MacBook. I am worried more about this leave. Apple is my favorite device provider during past 8 years and as many others I’m not happy with what is going on with MacBooks and iPhone. If designers are leaving Apple then how it will affect the company? Obviously, someone new will come and it’s good because of fresh blood and new ideas. However, guys like Matt has a weight and they (probably) have a voice when top managers make a decision.

Design and performance were a key points of Apple devices. However, Windows PCs provide now much more variations and computational power than notebooks from Apple’s and Android phone aren’t far away from iPhone now; so my personal perception that device performance isn’t a key thing for Apple anymore. If Apple looses designers (I haven’t heard anything about Jonathan Ive while ago) then could it be a sign that focus moved to some point that completely different from what we saw in Jobs era? I hope not and decreased salary of Tim Cook can save a situation and return Apple to the way of innovations and unique, frontline devices.

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Here is several Apple updates from the past week. tvOS binaries size limit increased from 200MB to 4GB. Together with 20GB On-Demand resources hosted by Apple it makes games development for tvOS much simpler. Apple released beta versions for iOS 10.2.1, macOS Siera 10.12.3, watchOS 3.1.3 and tvOS 10.11. Seems like minor updates. iOS 10 adoption increased to 83%.

Bringing Wide Color in Instagram. Instagram app was updated to support Wide Color. Article perfectly explains how Wide Color works and contains some example codes.

Control what you’re sharing (@Maria João Ferreira). Handy tutorial on UIActivityViewController with most common error cases handling.

Is Your Application Ready for App Transport Security (ATS)? In the end of 2016 Apple extended deadline for ATS implementation in apps (to undefined date), but it is strongly recommended to stop using HTTP for network communication and move to HTTPs. This article contains useful tips for usage and debugging of network communication.


Android Performance Patterns is a collection of 79 short videos about ways of development of performant Android apps.

RxAndroid Tutorial. RW Team rarely write tutorials for Android and I hope they will extend their field of interests into this area. In the meantime, we can only enjoy single articles on the site.


SwitchIcon. Google launcher-style implementation of switch (enable/disable) icon.


Efficient Field of View and Line of Sight for strategy games. Frequently, in game development, you need to calculate which objects are visible from specific point of view. This article shows CPU effective approach to calculate FOV on scenes with complex obstacles.

GTA V + Universe. This is how companies that works with AI might showcase their work. Universe is a platform for training AI. Whole process of integration is described and code is open sourced.

Meet the 20 finalists of the Google Play Indie Games Contest. Google ran a contest for Indie developers in the end of 2016. Here is the results. Pay attention that this wasn’t an automatic selection from Play store. Developers were asked to submit their apps. In other words, there you can find winners who are Indie and wasn’t too lazy to fill an application. Personally, I have no clue about most of titles. Final event will take place on February and you may register for the show.

Cover photo by Dmitri Popov

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