Mobile Development Digest #61

Hello! I have collected a lot of great tutorials and new frameworks which you can try this week.

Last week I asked for feedback about this digest. I received several good advices (Special thanks to Lucas Farah). During nearest weeks, I’m going to implement some of them and improve the way I present the information and collect feedback. I believe you will like it.

In the meantime, please enjoy digest #61. As always, you can contact me at or via Twitter, or via comments in the blog.

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  • JDBreaksLoading. You can easily start up a little breaking game by one line
  • TinyConstraints.┬áThe syntactic sugar that makes Auto Layout sweeter for human use ?
  • AnimatedCollectionViewLayout.┬áA UICollectionViewLayout subclass that adds custom transitions/animations to the UICollectionView without effecting your existing code


UI Design

Cover photo by Dmitri Popov

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