Mobile Development Digest #65

Apple started fight against apps which can update itself after review. Once again, this situation shows how vulnerable everyone in face of big companies who owns widely spread technologies. You may stay on the market for years but with only one line in agreement your business is over.

Apple announced WWDC scholarships program. If you’re or you know someone with interest in Apple who is¬†13-17 years old then it’s a good chance. Application can be sent till March 27. Applicant¬†also needs to¬†create a visually interactive scene in a Swift playground that can be experienced within three minutes.

You know, every digest I ask for feedback and initially I used only email. It worked but not so well, just several¬†emails per week. Couple weeks ago I got advice to use Typeforms and I really surprised that this… has same efficiency, but I really like how it looks now and that I can organize and prioritize feedback. I planning to extend this practice from collecting your proposals for upcoming digests to general feedback collection. However, my twitter and email are always open for direct contacts.

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  • How the Zalando iOS App Abandoned CocoaPods and Reduced Build Time. In this area, you always need to make a choice between speed and comfort.¬†Personally, I prefer mix both ways and include small frameworks manually (e.g. SwiftyJSON) and leave complex frameworks like Google Analytics to CocoaHeads. So far, so good.
  • Why I Don‚Äôt Use Storyboard. Well… personally, I prefer Storyboard and find them usable for defining walkthroughs. Sometimes I use them for static content which doesn’t change a lot (e.g. Onboarding screens, or confirmation screens). Bob Lee wrote about problems with Storyboards he had. I think that most points are the same for XIB files also, but in general it is right thing to read something what is opposite to your own opinion. So, if you like Storyboards then please read this article. If you don’t like then skip it :)
  • Automatically Incrementing Build Numbers. I would be happy if this would¬†works across all schemes…
  • Architecting for Features. New articles in NatashaTheRobot blog about Extensions conceptions and the way it changes apps architecture. The article contains a lot of external links and recommended to everyone who wish to follow modern architecture at Apple apps.


  • ReverseExtension.UITableView extension that enabled to insert cell from bottom of tableView.

  • Pageboy.¬†A simple, highly informative page view controller.



  • [tool] RoboGif.¬†A small utility to record Android device screen to a GIF
  • DiscreteScrollView.¬†Scrollable list of items, where current item is centered and can be changed using swipes.

  • KenBurnsView.¬†Android ImageViews animated by Ken Burns Effect


User Experience

  • Sales Through Education.¬†Giant Robots podcast.¬†Ben & Derrick welcome Anna Jacobsen, Education Director at Drip, to discuss customer demos / onboarding, sales and retention strategies, customer success, and best practices within Drip.



Cover photo by Igor Ovsyannykov

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