Mobile Development Digest #69

Main event of the year is not so far away from now. Apple WWDC conference will run at June 5, tickets are distributed and this is a good time to challenge yourself and try to predict what Apple will give us. Follow the link and reply to five simple question. Why? In some sources you already saw the predictions, but there are no kind of “disappointment” or “satisfaction” rating.

Due to statistics this blog visited about 3 thousand times a day (avg), plus people who is reading it by RSS and receive digest by email. So, this is good to ask and listen you guys, right? I wonder about several things: how many of your are really waiting anything? how many of my readers are ready to share their opinion? This is also will affect the blog evolution in the future.

Predictions are a good start for communication, I believe. Results will be published the day before WWDC. @ALSEDI.

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Swift Evolution


  • gliding-collection.¬†Gliding Collection is a smooth, flowing, customizable decision for a UICollectionView Swift Controller. Made by Ramotion and these guys know how to do cool stuff


UI/UX Design


Cover photo by Tom van Hoogstraten

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