Mobile Development Digest #70

Easter looong weekend! Only today, I realised that this is not a Monday. Sorry, for the delay with digest.

This time, for iOS developers, I found interesting articles and source code for neural network implementation in Swift (and courses for you if you need to learn basics of AI, ML and NN).

For Android developers I have something nice about Java 9, Android O and Android adoption.

Last week I run the survey about your wishes for WWDC 2017. Your thoughts are important, please follow the link and reply to five simple question. Results of the survey will be published the day before WWDC

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Swift Evolution




UI/UX Design

Questions… questions…


Past week Google released its if you played enough and in any case if your drawing was recognised or not, you might be interested in reading of this investigation on A Neural Representation of Sketch Drawings.

Cover photo by Christopher Sardegna

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