Mobile Development Digest #72

May 1st is the Labor Day. Surprisingly it’s an official day off in Sweden. This broke my internal schedule and digest was not issued yesterday. Sorry for that.

This digest includes (but not limited to)¬†huge, free and fresh collections of videos from recent conferences (seems like April was most popular month for dev conferences ever). Also, you’ll get an update on Swift evolution, new iOS and Android frameworks. I received several articles from readers that worth to read.

Thanks a lot for all your responses to WWDC 2017 predictions and wish list survey. It is still far away from finish and if you had not participated yet, please do now.


  • Migrating To Coordinators. Soroush Khanlou wrote new articles about coordinators pattern in iOS. I never used this pattern in my own project, however I always keep in mind recommendations from this¬†series of coordinators articles.
  • Uber Used Private API to Access iPhone Serial Number. No, they aren’t banned after all.
  • There are three¬†good and fresh collections of videos this time
    • RW DevCon 2016 vault. RW team released past year conference videos and code for free. It’s Swift 2 but it should not be a problem to migration. If you’re beginner then it’s good exercise for you.
    • AppBuilders 2017. Videos are uploading still, so you probably want to subscribe to stay updated (also you can follow conference’s Twitter account @appbuilders_ch)
    • Functional Swift Conference 2017. Pay attention that this is advanced level of development with Swift.

Swift Evolution

Swift Source Compatibility Test Suite Now Available.


  • BouncyLayout is a collection view layout that makes your cells bounce. (via¬†Robert-Hein). Watch the code, I like the style.
  • TextFieldCounter.¬†UITextField character counter with lovable UX ?. No math skills required ?


Let me know if you interested in Kotlin?


Mobile Marketing


Google Cloud Next’17 Videos. This probably should be in Android section, but in fact it useful for developers on all platforms because Google provides unified API for everyone.

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Cover photo by Samuel Zeller

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