Mobile Development Digest #74

Finally, I have found strength in myself to continue work on the digest. I’m sorry for the long delay but otherwiseĀ digest will fall into copy-paste without real curating.

Just several weeks left till Apple presentation and changing of iOS 11 and XCode status to production. It’s a good time to check your apps for iOS 11 compatibility.

Adoption of iOS 10 is 91.8% due to Mixpanel and 87% due to Apple. iOS 11 drops support of several devices more, so “other” list will include more legacy devices. However, in statistics of my apps, I see significant difference from global Mixpanel and Apple stats. Almost 98% are iOS 10. So, check your stats and decide. As usual, I recommend drop support of old versions and use benefits of new.


Swift Evolution



  • validator.Ā A tiny library for easily validating TextInputLayouts in Android
  • LoggingInterceptor.Ā An OkHttp interceptor which pretty logs request and response data


Cover photo by Stocksnap

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