Mobile Development Digest #82


New development articles and videos

Turning Swift compile-time safety into safety for your users

Adding a toggle Extension on Bool

try! Swift Conference videos

Document Based Apps: Creating and Editing Documents

Pattern match style filtering

Universal Link broken in iOS 11.2 (for newly installed apps, sometimes) ⚠️

Around iOS 

Two big lists of iOS conferences in 2018:

by Dave Verwer


by Chris Adamson

The Final Conf-Down

Community curated list on GitHub:

And one more list:

Tim Cook says users will be able to turn off iPhone battery performance throttling in future iOS update

Swift evolution

Conditional Conformance in the Standard Library


25 new Android libraries and projects to check at the beginning of 2018

Kotlin community and popularity is growing fast. I will continue post updates on Java articles, but will focus more on Kotlin for Android in future issues.


Kotlin 1.2.20 is out

Kotlin 1.2.20 is out

Simple Kotlin Tips for Beginners

Kotlin Data Class Tutorial

Kotlin Data Class Tutorial

Simple asynchronous loading with Kotlin Coroutines

Exploring Kotlin using Android Architecture Components (and vice versa)


Motion gesture detection using Tensorflow on Android

Free eBook based on SO answers 1297 pages… worth to download and read

Development Stories

from or for developers

How I Shipped Six Side Projects in 2017

9 Surefire Mobile App Predictions for 2018

Cover photo Jess Watters

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