2017 Predictions Survey Results

Survey:Ā https://goo.gl/forms/dbWYmOy8UCkpynWr2

Number of people who answered to survey: 30

Professional areas: iOS Developer (50%), Just Developer (~33%), OtherĀ (~17%)

Survey was distributed via ALSEDIĀ blog, my twitter and several Slack channels.

Some responses I received in private messages and not via Google Docs.

Biggest surprise: Sharing Culture societies gave zero responses. Twitter users may like & share the news, but do not respond themself (at least in the moment of sharing).

As a threshold I used value of 25% responses for a question.

Survey questions and most popular answers.

Year 2016 Summary

  • Which technologies, devices and frameworks surprised you the most?
    • Deep learning and AI.
    • Speech Recognition.
  • Which interesting events (conferences, meetups) you visited in 2016?
    • WWDC
    • Local CocoaHeads meetups
    • Slush 2016
  • Which events do you plan to visit in 2017?
    • WWDC

Year 2017 Predictions

The Next Big Thing in 2017

  1. More than 70% of people said that hologram technologies and mixed reality technologies (e.g. Microsoft Hololense) will be more popular and available for normal people

  2. Second place is for IoT and self-driving vehicles

Several people shared their predictions anonymously

I received 5Ā responses, but only two were allowed to be published. However, all predictions are in the same area.

In mobile I expect the 2017 trend to be in further personalized content/notifications/experiences that reduce the need to stare mobile phone screen. The experience will be partly provided by car, partly by wearables, partly by devices that are stationary at your home and possible IoT sensors around the city. The user gets more relevant notifications when they need them and where they need them without the need to open phone screen lock so often.
// Anonymous Developer

Mobile apps will be less self-contained and used to connect and control external devices, products, etc.
// Anonymous Developer