Mobile Development Digest #61

Hello! I have collected a lot of great tutorials and new frameworks which you can try this week.

Last week I asked for feedback about this digest. I received several good advices (Special thanks to Lucas Farah). During nearest weeks, I’m going to implement some of them and improve the way I present the information and collect feedback. I believe you will like it.

In the meantime, please enjoy digest #61. As always, you can contact me at or via Twitter, or via comments in the blog.

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One line CSV parser with Swift (The power of Swift)

We developing new game in ALSEDI and one of the tasks is parsing of CSV-like format. I find that it’s really fun and simple task with Swift.

CSV format may contain complex and sometimes style-breaking elements, like comma between quotes. If you have this case then you need to use more powerful parsing methods, like regex.

However, for simple data types which do not try to make a chaos in your data structure, CSV is very handy and much more readable than JSON. This article is about parsing this kind of CSV and about how simple is this.

Long story short, here is the one-line CSV parser.


Mobile Development Digest #60

This is the¬†60th issue of the digest and I’d like to ask you for a feedback. I want to improve the content of the digest and need your help. Now¬†more than 1000 people is reading this digest at my blog, Mailchimp maillist, LinkedIn and RSS. This is huge. I would like to understand you more. What are you looking for is¬†news¬†in development? What do you like in Mobile Development Digest and what not? Let me know and yours feedback will make this digest better.

In Digest #59 I posted a link to the excellent article about compilation time in mixes Swift and Obc-C projects. For this digest I found more articles in the field that will help you to understand better what is going on during compilation and how to simplify and speedup this process on both iOS and Android.


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Mobile Development Digest #59

This was a good week.

Apple announced several important changed in iOS 10.3. Also, this week Apple will relocate iTunes, Apple Music and Apple Store to Ireland. This has no any effect on developers and users.

Fastlane joined Google¬†and that’s a question how Google will use it.

Swift 3.1 and Kontlin 1.1 got more details for upcoming releases.

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Upcoming features in iOS 10.3

Upcoming¬†release of¬†iOS 10.3¬†provides new SDK method for request reviews from users. It’s pretty limited and will not replace custom components for requesting reviews, but benefit of SDK is that user stays in the app and leave review directly to the App Store. Definitely Apple may make it only one legal way to leave comments in store, but due to John Gruber they don’t have strict timeline for it.

Another important change is that developers will be able to respond to customers in the similar way like it is possible in Google Play.

One more thing which doesn’t relate to reviews¬†and¬†will be available in¬†iOS 10.3 and tvOS 10.2 is – Alternative icons for the app!

Isn’t it cool?

Update 02/05/2017. As Dave Verwer noted in his newsletters iOS 10.3 will not run 32bit apps. No one expect big problems with that because all Apple devices since 2013 are 64bit and if someone hasn’t update an app since that time then it most likely will be removed from AppStore as part of cleanup.

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Mobile Development Digest #58

Finally,¬†Samsung defined list of problems which lead to explosion problem with Note 7. It’s remarkable attitude to problem detection and I really glad to see this¬†way of presenting what and how was done. Especially in comparison to Apple who¬†do not want to do anything with¬†batteries behavior on cold. Literally, I cannot use ¬†my iPhone 6S Plus on the street now¬†more than 10 minutes.

Last week new Accidental ¬†Tech Podcast was released and it’s good to listen if you still curious about Chris Lattner transition from Apple to Tesla, he gave short interview there.

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STHLMTech Anniversary

I don’t go¬†to startup events usually. I think this is not for developers and maximum value is in mingle, but not every event attract enough people who can invest and looking for a company to invest. This time I decided to come because it was the anniversary (if you can say so about 4th birthday) of STHLMTech and I expected something interesting.

I got positive overall experience and do not regret that I came. I believe STHLMTech used regular format of the event: guests presentation, special guest, several startups with pitches and guests feedback; but I saw it only during online translations and in Silicon Valley series (will be back to this later).

Most valuable thing from the first part was fresh report about investments in Nordic countries. In 2016 Stockholm’s startups got $1.4B investments. The total investments to Nordic startups was $2.7B. This is great and it’s even better in comparison with previous years ($1.81B in 2015, $846.4M in 2014). Infographics available at

Three startups were presented

Base2. This is about “last meter” services and kind of database which connects services like Uber food, with households. Problem with this startup that I cannot find a link to their webiste and I hadn’t got an idea from the pitch. It was looooong pitch and I missed the idea completely.

Dashl. “Book a stylist” startup. Topic is very¬†popular in Sweden and this company¬†well funded and have strong plan for 2017.

Bom’ler. An attempt to change the textile industry. One of the things is to bring full transparency to the supply chain. This allows to reduce costs and make absolutely clear to consumers what are they buying and how it was produced.

Two of three startups used mobile app to reach end users.

In formal battle guests and investors voted for Dashl, here is no surprises – clear monetization model, working service, growing number of clients, good team (actually, only they said about investments to the Dashl and about the team).

In conclusion

I liked to be there, but in the future I will make a decision to go or not based on amount of startups and clear list of them presented before the event. I found that it is interesting to look how people present their ideas and to feel how new or related ideas popup in yourown brain. Personally, I enjoyed the event and got motivational punch for a work.

Couple times I felt myself like in Silicon Valley series. Strange people just approached our group and tried to shake hands. Some tried to show that they know my company, but the reason was only to take one of our company spots. It was weird and in the beginning really uncomfortable, however funny in the end.

Mobile Development Digest #57

The week full of news!

First of all, this was a week of 10 years anniversary of iPhone. Spend some in nostalgia with original press release for the iPhone and take a look how iPhone changed the industry (and one more).

Most shocking news was that two guys left Apple and joined Tesla. First is Chris Lattner author of LLVM and Swift Core Team member. Despite the fact that Chris leaves Apple he stays in Swift core team. This makes him the first non-Apple member. Ted Kremenek author of Clang will take his place. I believe that these changes will not affect Swift seriously and it will keep fast evolution pace in the same direction. However, it might be better to lower this speed?

Second is Matt Casebolt original Air designer. He worked also on MacPro and Touch Bar MacBook. I am worried more about this leave. Apple is my favorite device provider during past 8 years and as many others I’m not happy with what is going on with MacBooks and iPhone. If designers are¬†leaving Apple then how it will¬†affect the company? Obviously, someone new will come and it’s good because of fresh blood and new ideas. However, guys like Matt has a weight and they (probably) have a voice when top managers make a decision.

Design and performance were¬†a key points of Apple devices. However, Windows PCs provide now much more variations and computational power than notebooks from Apple’s and Android phone aren’t far away from iPhone now; so my personal perception that device performance isn’t a key thing for Apple anymore. If Apple looses designers (I haven’t heard anything about Jonathan Ive while ago) then could it be a sign that focus moved to some point that¬†completely different from what we saw in Jobs era? I hope not and decreased salary of Tim Cook can save a situation and return Apple to the way of innovations and unique, frontline devices.

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