RippleEffectView component

Here we go. Recently, I’ve been ready article about How to create an Uber splash screenĀ and decided to make some experiments with the code and timings for animation. Actually, that was a “magic” part of whole article. How guys defined those times. Result of the article is quite fine, but it’s not the same as Uber splash screen. However, here is a lot of different effects with just this view. So, in the end I made a small component based on Derek Selander`s artcile and code.

It works fine on both iPhone and iPad (on iPad 3 I saw lagging, but it should be fine on modern versions).

Component written on Swift 2.3 (but it runs on XCode 8 beta 6 without any changes)

Here is the result:

Magnitude: 0.2

Magnitude: -0.8

RippleEffectView code available on GitHub under MIT license.

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