Stream App, Video On Demand

screen480x480Two months of the hardest work and we finished new version of Stream iOS Client (Video On Demand app).

We’ve (together with Grig) re-wrote code completely on Objective-C, but not only this. We’ve changed UI to satisfy users and simplify a process of search, browse content and do purchases. We’ve implemented the offline mode without loosing functionality (of course users cannot watch movies that weren’t downloaded, but they can browse content without limitations).

What can I say more… this is amazing feeling. I spent a lot of time on coding, hard discussions with designers (it’s not easy to explain why “this” pretty “button, screen, popup, interactions line” is completely unacceptable), thinking on cons and pros of features and interactions with users, on ways to convert users to customers.

Fortunately, I’m working with open-minded managers, and they accepted most of my ideas for improving app UI and functionality. We’ve added 5 new features that change user interaction with our app and increase direct interaction with our customers.

Just two days have passed from the release to the App Store, but positive feedback stream visually increased already. We start receiving very valuable feedback about our app and content. Not just “you’re app bad”, but what people are looking in our app. Moreover, this feedback is personalized, not anonymous.

App can be found here:



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