Swift? Damn!

Two friends of mine are dinosaurs in coding. They are developing apps in Objective-C and every time we speak about Swift they continuously complaining that they do not understand thiiis and thaaat, with Objective-C it would be faster… it looks like java scriiipt.. blah blah blah. Sometimes they refer to some open source projects. Pretty annoying!

I don’t feel anything wrong about Objective-C but I like Swift, Storyboard, XIBs much more (even it’s not stabilized yet!).

Finally, we decided to write something together with Swift. I do the coding and explain everything from simple to advanced things. They follow and do assignments. Every time the task is done each of us creates pull request and we can discuss code changes. Guys are pretty lazy and I will have time to write more about progress in learning Swift by Objective-C developers. I find that some moments are fun and worth to share.

Another aspect of this Swift study is that I am learning too. I need to read more than my friends and find a way to explain complex patterns and tricks in Swift and XCode, compare performance in Objective-C and Swift, and more and more and more. Sometimes I find some useful tricks (like simple CSV parsing. Yeah, yeah, I know that abstract CSV is the hell). All this stuff I would like to share also.

All articles in this series will be published under Swift? Damn! category.



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