Swift & iOS Books for 2017

Finally, I bought enough Swift books for improving my knowledge and I’m happy. Now, I’ll spend couple months on reading.

Usually, I learn by code and fresh articles from all over the Internet. This also was a reason why I started to write Mobile Development Digest. However, this way allows to get pieces of information and it’s a high risk to loose a wider picture. To avoid this I read books. Books in many cases are the best way to test your knowledge against someone else experience and fill lacunas in different areas of development.

IT&Coding books are quite expensive usually, but on the bright side you get updates for free.

In 2016 I read the following books from RW

  1. iOS animations by tutorials. This is must read book for all developers who isn’t familiar with animations in iOS. The book was¬†written by Marin Todorov, who¬†knows a lot about iOS animations.
  2. 2D and 3D iOS games by tutorial. Good books that will give you a basic understanding of several types of games. This isn’t a deep game theory books and after reading them you will not be able to create complex games, but you will understand Apple frameworks and will be familiar with several approaches in game design and development. If you do not have strong preferences in Apple and want to build cross-platofrm games then it’s better to invest your money to¬†Unity Games by tutorials.


2017 List of Books so far

  1. watchOS by Tutorials.
  2. CoreData by Tutorials.
  3. Unity Games by tutorials.

I really like to study new content with RW books, but in the other hand it’s not so good if we are¬†talking about advanced level of knowledge. You do not want to read to much texts and need pure knowledge.

I find that objc.io books give concentrated knowledge and use better approach for this level, so I bought updated versions of two books (btw, objc.io gives discounts right now):

Also, Erica Sadun wrote a book named Swift Style. I read her blog frequently and this is really good source of knowledge in Swift, so I believe that book is also good. Book is in beta stage and costs less than final version.

Dynamo Consulting AB has sponsored all these books.

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