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AnimatedSwitch updated to Swift 3.1

Sometimes simple things takes too much time. Now, I need to figure out how to add this to CocoaPods :]   AnimatedSwitch updated to Swift 3.1 https://t.co/RPgxuW34Zu #iosdev #swiftlang pic.twitter.com/asNhf6QIsW — Alex Sergeev  (@ALSEDI) April 20, 2017

AnimatedSwitch updated (now with blackjack and… you know)

AnimatedSwitch is a subclass of UISwitch which paints over the parent view with specified solid color (material-like design). Now it supports two more predefined fill shapes – Star and Diamond. It is possible to use custom UIBezierPath. MIT licensed, free for all. Get AnimatedSwitch on GitHub.

Mobile Development Digest #26

WWDC 2016 announced and will take place in San Francisco, June 13-17. Alternatively, it’s possible to visit AltConf, that will run in parallel from 13 till 16 June. Last year, presentations from AltConf were really good. So, it’s not a second prize, but really good mobile alternative if you don’t have ticket to WWDC. I’ll […]

AnimatedSwitch component

I’m polishing my skills in animations and created material-design-like UISwitch. It animates background change when switch status changes. AnimatedSwitch code available at GitHub, MIT License. Special thanks to Marin Todorov who helped me to solve really weird problem with CALayer.