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Mobile Development Digest #75

Only 6 days left to Apple special event. New devices (I hope) and release versions of XCode and iOS. You know, I always complain about too many introductory and basic level articles. This is an effect of low entrance level to mobile development. Every developer can create successful app and not need deep understanding in […]

VR/AR Experiments

Refreshing my knowledge in SceneKit and found this early experiment with AR and rendering virtual objects on real place surface via cameraĀ in SceneKit. It took just an evening. 3D Model that I used can be found here. As you may see it’s rendered not 100% correct in SceneKit, but for experiments it’s good enough.

Microsoft HoloLens available for preorder

Just for $3000.Ā The first wave ships March 30th, 2016. It looks really nice in promo video, but I’m afraid a bit. Microsoft isn’t really good in this kind of innovation and they easily cancel projects. It’s quite obvious and yet very expensive toy to be cancelled after a year. Same as Samsung VR it still […]