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Mobile Development Digest #66

In Digest #65 I told about problems with apps which use Rollout.io. Story is not yet finished and Eyal Keren (CTO) wrote An Open Letter to Apple from Rollout.io – Proposing a SECURE JavaScript Injection Approval Process. A week passed from the post date but Apple has not reacted yet @ALSEDI Get fresh digest by email Any […]

Mobile Development Digest #61

Hello! I have collected a lot of great tutorials and new frameworks which you can try this week. Last week I asked for feedback about this digest. I received several good advices (Special thanks to Lucas Farah). During nearest weeks, I’m going to implement some of them and improve the way I present the information […]

Mobile Development Digest #60

This is the 60th issue of the digest and I’d like to ask you for a feedback. I want to improve the content of the digest and need your help. Now more than 1000 people is reading this digest at my blog, Mailchimp maillist, LinkedIn and RSS. This is huge. I would like to understand you more. […]