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Mobile Development Digest #79

New 2018 year is coming. I am truly interested what do you like in the digest, what don’t and what do you want to read in 2018. Please fill out the survey and participate in the digest evolution! Thank you, @ALSEDI

Mobile Development Digest #69

Main event of the year is not so far away from now. Apple WWDC conference will run at June 5, tickets are distributed and this is a good time to challenge yourself and try to predict what Apple will give us. Follow the link and reply to five simple question. Why? In some sources you […]

Mobile Development Digest #52

Apple released list of this year best apps and the developers behind them. Each app has list of stores where it was the best. Despite the fact that games bring more money than any other kind of software, this list contains a lot of non-game apps. Use it as insight for different markets and for […]

Mobile Development Digest #49

In this issue: Swift and Android development tips Google explains that AndroidĀ not a monopoly in GIFs Microsoft releases VS preview for Mac Several case studies on architecture, design and rewriting app for Swift 3 Stanford free course for game developers Unity report for Q3.

Mobile Development Digest #44

Mixpanel released iOS10 adoption report.Ā It is 67% now and iOS 9 around 28%. Samsung Note 7 is still the problem.Ā One million devices were sold before Samsung stopped sales. Only 13% were returned. There areĀ less than 100 reports about a fact of fire but it is worrying still. Overall situation is not good for Samsung, but […]

Mobile Development Digest #39

Two days more and we will see how Apple thinks to compete during next year. In the meantime, Google has suspended Project Ara. I thought that it was cancelled already. How far ago they announced it, 2011, 2012? It’s too long to be in development stage these days. However, project itself it really interesting and […]

Mobile Development Digest #30

WWDC is coming, Swift 3.0 is almost ready, Google I/O took place past week. Great milestones. One of them most people missed. International collegiate programming contest finished past week. I really surprised and glad with the results. Five of first ten teams are from Russia. First place is by the Saint-Petersburg State University. Congrats guys!