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RWDevCon 2016 Vault Opened

All videos, project files, slides from RWConf 2016 (free) ??? https://t.co/nC2M1H2r0f #iosdev #swiftlang #indiedev — Alex Sergeev  (@ALSEDI) April 27, 2017

Mobile Development Digest #71

Biggest newsmaker last week was F8 event. Usually Facebook focused on web technologies, but this time major updates came from AR/VR field. It is worth to read Facebook Developers news blog to understand what FB proposed this year. Here is all videos from the conference. I really appreciate all the people who spent some time […]

Mobile Development Digest #63

Have a nice beginning of the spring and sorry for the break in the schedule. Get fresh digest by email Any problems? Drop me a note mdd@alsedi.com

Mobile Development Digest #59

This was a good week. Apple announced several important changed in iOS 10.3. Also, this week Apple will relocate iTunes, Apple Music and Apple Store to Ireland. This has no any effect on developers and users. Fastlane joined Google and that’s a question how Google will use it. Swift 3.1 and Kontlin 1.1 got more details for […]

Mobile Development Digest #57

The week full of news! First of all, this was a week of 10 years anniversary of iPhone. Spend some in nostalgia with original press release for the iPhone and take a look how iPhone changed the industry (and one more). Most shocking news was that two guys left Apple and joined Tesla. First is Chris Lattner […]

Mobile Development Digest #54

This is the last issue for year 2016, and its content is a combination of the most popular articles which were published during the year. Also, It contains results of a survey about predictions for 2017 that I started last week. It was spontaneous idea and no surprise that I haven’t receive thousands of responses. […]

Mobile Development Digest #53

Kickstarter open-sourced Android and iOS apps. It was quite popular news last week and has been shared several hundred times. Why it’s so popular? Well… it’s a popular service, they support open source and their code isn’t Swift 3 yet. So update to Swift 3 will be some kind of reality show. Don’t miss a chance […]

Mobile Development Digest #46

Apple released new MacBook Pro (period). I don’t know what to say, but if earlier I had a reason to upgrade (e.g. performance) then now… Well, numbers and figures in presentations are good, but due to technical specification of video cards it’s not so fast as it should be in 2016/2017. Touch panel on the […]