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Mobile Development Digest #69

Main event of the year is not so far away from now. Apple WWDC conference will run at June 5, tickets are distributed and this is a good time to challenge yourself and try to predict what Apple will give us. Follow the link and reply to five simple question. Why? In some sources you […]

Mobile Development Digest #55

I’m reading Swift Style book written by Erica Sadun. I think it’s a book that every Swift developer should read, because code style is very sensitive topic for many. It’s good to read the book especially if you selects coding style randomly without strong understanding of why two, four spaces or tabulation is used, why colon sign has […]

Mobile Development Digest #51

Get your apps ready for the holidays. Apple announced that new apps and updates will not be accepted between December 23 and 27. If you’d like to update your app before holidays then don’t forget to submit them before December 18 (Due to AppReviewtimes.com average waiting time is 4 days). FYI, iOS 10 adoption is almost 80% […]

Mobile Development Digest #46

Apple released new MacBook Pro (period). I don’t know what to say, but if earlier I had a reason to upgrade (e.g. performance) then now… Well, numbers and figures in presentations are good, but due to technical specification of video cards it’s not so fast as it should be in 2016/2017. Touch panel on the […]