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Mobile Development Digest #72

May 1st is the Labor Day. Surprisingly it’s an official day off in Sweden. This broke my internal schedule and digest was not issued yesterday. Sorry for that. This digest includes (but not limited to) huge, free and fresh collections of videos from recent conferences (seems like April was most popular month for dev conferences ever). […]

Mobile Development Digest #47

Oh.. this time of the year. November is probably most dark month in Stockholm. Rains, people are waking up when it is still dark and going back to home when it is already dark. However, pretty soon city will be full of light from small lamps and stars and garlands on balconies. In the meantime, […]

Mobile Development Digest #33

I think that WWDC this year compensated all disappointment of special event on March. iOS 10, new integrations (I wish Siri can perform custom commands), Swift 3, and much more. This year Apple had live streaming also and all videos already available on the website. So, my playlist for vacation is completed now. You may […]