Upcoming features in iOS 10.3

Upcoming release of iOS 10.3 provides new SDK method for request reviews from users. It’s pretty limited and will not replace custom components for requesting reviews, but benefit of SDK is that user stays in the app and leave review directly to the App Store. Definitely Apple may make it only one legal way to leave comments in store, but due to John Gruber they don’t have strict timeline for it.

Another important change is that developers will be able to respond to customers in the similar way like it is possible in Google Play.

One more thing which doesn’t relate to reviews and will be available in iOS 10.3 and tvOS 10.2 is – Alternative icons for the app!

Isn’t it cool?

Update 02/05/2017. As Dave Verwer noted in his newsletters iOS 10.3 will not run 32bit apps. No one expect big problems with that because all Apple devices since 2013 are 64bit and if someone hasn’t update an app since that time then it most likely will be removed from AppStore as part of cleanup.

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