Utsparkade. #backatayyab update

Tayyab’s story continues. His case and Mathias Plank (Founder & CEO Dynamo) launched an avalanche of events. Seems like here is a chance to change labour rules in Sweden.

In the meantime, Tayyab’s case got attention of TV again.

This morning Veronika Lindstand from Migration Board and Clarence Crafoorf from Center of Justice discussed with situation at Nyhetsmorgon program.

Tayyab’s case and its consequences incredibly important for Sweden and work immigrants. Migration Board is checking big amount of things that employees cannot control, because there are no tools for realtime monitoring of employer’s mandatory actions and payments.

So, if someone made mistake then immigrant employee will get notified only when Migration Board made decision.

However, the worst thing – one have no ways to fix mistakes of the employer, and doesn’t matter is it question of 100000 or 10 kronas. Position of Migration board is clear, they follow the law, but… it’s unclear why they so strict and strive deportation over penalty.

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